Friday, February 18, 2011

Valentine's Day!

A posted this on my facebook wall :)

Valentine's Day was great!  A and I were keeping it low key because we have a wedding to pay for, so we stayed in - A made dinner, and we watched Intervention (like we do every Monday).  Only this time, there were presents and candy, yay :)

AND flowers!!! <3

I gave A some candy and a book called Groomology, so he can be the best Groom he can be, and a book on how to make vintage cocktails since he has seen into that subject a lot as of late.  You can check them out on Amazon via the side bar on your right.

I got candy, and a book about Orthodox Christianity, and the new Decemberists CD!  Good job A!!

A made a delicious steak recipe which involved nearly burning my kitchen down.  The video is above.  This is my very first youtube video ever, so I wasn't aware that I can't film sideways on my phone and rotate it later, so you will have to turn your head to get the full effect.  My apologies.


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